House of Vineyard met “We Are the Future & The Future is Fluid”
Our very own Ballroom house, House of Vineyard, will fill the evening with voguing dance, fashion and realness. You cannot miss this. About the birth of LGBTQ Ballroom culture: participants are often a member of a ‘house’, like House of Dupree, House of Ninja of House of Omni. These houses would come together in ballrooms to battle-dance against each other. Houses would do anything to impress the jury and challenge each other. This resulted in spectacular performances with extravagant dancing and fashionable costumes. These evenings were called ‘Balls’ and participant where mostly members of the LGBTQ community with African-American or Latin roots.

Lose yourself in the beats and be surprised by the acts of the Amazing Agency. This Amsterdam branch represents people who are autonomic and not influenced by the norm.
Guillermo Blinker – GIMOTION
In his live loopstation performance, artist GIMOTION samples his voice into a soulful, rhythmn driven soundscape and dances with his words on top. Words becoming; spoken word poetry, songs, rap verses and even dance movement. He creates an intimate space where he shares stories about his personal journey of becoming. A space where less is more and where you will feel like dancing.
“I break out the box and redefine the space with my motion”
“Life is as real as it feels and i feel like offering some of my real to the real that you feel so we can feel together, so we can get real together”