Everything is energy. Our muscles tense and the Earth hurdles through space. Tiny currents shoot through our brains, screaming to our bodies that we want to run. A match ignites in a bright flame. Energy is everything. Dance show IGNITE is about the origins of energy. Philosophers, scientists and followers of all kinds of religions have written entire books about this, full of complicated theories and poetic stories. IGNITE is an inspiring show, and the audience is sure to walk out the door with pumped up energy. This is a show by Shailesh Bahoran and is part of the ISH New Makers series. In addition to his imposing career as a dancer, Shailesh has shown himself to be an inspired and talented maker over the last few years. That’s why he is ISH New Maker in 2016.

***** Theaterkrant
“Ignite keeps the spectator spellbound from the first to the last moment. Beautiful and breathtaking.”

**** de Volkskrant
“In Ignite, the dancers’ energy is so great that it leaves a trace of itself in yours. Quite an achievement.”


25.10.18 | Ignite | Gender Bender Festival | Bologna, Italy | 20:15

26.10.18 | Ignite | Gender Bender Festival | Bologna, Italy

Direction/Choreography: Shailesh Bahoran
Cast: Virgil Dey, Remses Rafaela, Wesley Rommy, Eddy Vidal, Tyrone Menig, Dietrich Pott, Patrick Karijowidjojo
Music: Rik Ronner
Lighting Design: Mike den Ottolander
Production leader: Kayan Tang
Technique: Bart Vlot
Artistic Director: Marco Gerris
Scene Photography: Studio Breed
Videography: Uwang
Design: Donald Beekman – DBXL