In the world of GRIMM, Cinderella walks in sneakers and other familiar fairy tale characters are all given a funky twist. This is no sugar-coated fable, but a modern-day romp in which ballet and hip-hop dancers propel each other to ever greater heights.

A co-creation by Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris, GRIMM fuses the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel into one big adventure in which all the characters dance ‘happily ever after’. This season, Dutch National Ballet takes the hit production on a national tour.

GRIMM is a story about two boys who find themselves in a fantasy world populated by Little Red Riding Hood, the big bad wolf, the seven dwarves, Rapunzel, Snow White, the wicked stepmother, Cinderella and a host of other familiar faces. The plots of all the famous fables tangle together, sweeping the boys along in a humorous parade of fairy tale characters. And as in any good story, love, jealousy, friendship, intrigue, thirst for power and the battle between good and evil take centre stage.

The choreography is a collaboration between Junior Company artistic coordinator Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris, artistic director of ISH Dance Collective, who also teamed up in 2015 to create the hugely successful Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. GRIMM reunites the two companies, with ballerinas and hip-hoppers challenging and surprising each other and along the way forging a new dance style all their own.


★★★★★ ‘GRIMM is without a doubt the most imaginative dance performance of this theatre season. (…) Want to see four hip-hop dwarves dance the famous pas de quattre from Swan Lake? This is your chance!’ – Trouw



17.04.20 | GRIMM (Première) | ITA | Amsterdam | BESTEL TICKETS

19.04.20 | GRIMM | Stadsschouwburg | Utrecht | BESTEL TICKETS

23.04.20 | GRIMM | Theater De Maaspoort | Venlo | BESTEL TICKETS

24.04.20 | GRIMM | Zaantheater | Zaandam | BESTEL TICKETS

25.04.20 | GRIMM | Stadsschouwburg | Haarlem | BESTEL TICKETS

26.04.20 | GRIMM | Wilminktheater | Enschede | BESTEL TICKETS

06.05.20 | GRIMM | Theaters Tilburg | Tilburg | BESTEL TICKETS

07.05.20 | GRIMM | Theater De Kampanje | Den Helder | BESTEL TICKETS

08.05.20 | GRIMM | De Goudse Schouwburg | Gouda | BESTEL TICKETS

09.05.20 | GRIMM | Theater De Kring | Roosendaal | BESTEL TICKETS

GENRE: familievoorstelling | DUUR: 2X 45 minuten, met tussenin een pauze

Artistic Direction: Marco Gerris & Ernst Meisner | Choreography: Marco Gerris, Ernst Meisner & cast | Music: Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) | Video and set design: Aitor Biedma | Costume design: Studio RUIM – René van der Leest en Sigrid van Kleef | Lighting design: Mike den Ottolander | Balletmeester: Caroline Sayo Iura | Cast: Micka Karlsson, Thomas Krikken, Tyrone Menig, Dietrich Pott, Arnold Put, Raquel Tijsterman, Lars de Vos & dansers van de Junior Company van Het Nationale Ballet | Techniek: Marnix Baneke, Joey Buddenberg, Jacco Pastist, Len van der Veen | Decorbouw: Vorm & Decor | Kostuums: vervaardigd door Martine Douma, Hermien Hollander, Renske Kraakman, Merel Kaspers, Esther Scholten, Leanne van Deurzen | Assistent Kostuumproductie: Michelle Cantwell | Kleedsters: Sanne Kamp, Merel Kamp | Company manager: Casper Jansen | Met dank aan Oliver Haller (hoofd kostuumafdeling ballet), Lichtwerk | Campagnebeeld: Petrovsky and Ramone