Elements of Freestyle


In this adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme urban sports, dance, music, and theatre, ISH Dance Collective creates breathtaking poetry with every single moment.

ELEMENTS OF FREESTYLE is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed; about the freestylers’ total focus on the moment, the ecstasy and the feeling of complete and total freedom.

In a spectacular fusion of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning, the audience discovers the artistry behind the trick. Simultaneously both exquisitely beautiful and heart-poundingly exciting, director Marco Gerris’ (‘So You Think You Can Dance?’) show packs a punch. You simply will not believe your eyes.


★★★★★ ‘This might be the best show I’ve even seen at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It’s absolutely enthralling, delightful, breathtaking.’ Sunday Mail

★★★★ ‘Hair-raising tricks will leave you with your heart in your mouth.’The Wee Review

★★★★★ ‘Dynamic, fun and engaging…you are kept on the edge of your seat’Families Edinburgh

★★★★★ ‘Urban sports elevated to dance.’Theaterkrant

★★★★ ‘Energising…Graceful…I watched open mouthed’North West End

Direction: Marco Gerris | Cast: Luis Alkmim (Freerunning), Michael van Beek (Freestyle basketball), Sven Boekhorst (Inline skate), Jelle Briggeman (Inline skate
), Annie Tangberg (Cello), Dietrich Pott (Breakdance), Thomas Krikken (Breakdance
), Bart van der Linden (Freerunning
), Dez Maarsen (BMX Flatland), Vera van der Bie (Viool), Arnold Put (Breakdance), Pim Wouters (Skateboard)| Dramaturgie en regie-assistentie: Arnout Lems | Composition: Rik Ronner, Annie Tangberg and Vera van der Bie | Decor: Jerry Beckers – Solos International | Graphic Designer decor: Donald Beekman | Lightdesign: Mike den Ottolander | Graphic Designer: DBXL | Video: Roderik Patijn | Photographer: Alex Brenner