ISH has developed a variety of educational forms based on years of experience at home and abroad. ISH education acquaints young people with dance and theatre in a creative and active manner. We provide preparatory study material for every show, free of charge. But we also offer workshops and residencies for kids of different ages and backgrounds.

We develop our study material together with Bekijk ‘t. 

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We work with professional teachers who give skill workshops that meet your interests on request. This can be breakdance, hiphop, poppin ’n lockin and beatbox, but other forms of art on which our professionals also give workshops are modern dance, martial arts and classical ballet. In 60 minutes, students learn the basic principles of a discipline and look at how you can make it theatrically interesting. Just as in our other educational projects, the workshops focus on the development of the participants, and revolve around much more than simply learning a ‘trick’. 

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We believe that everyone has talent, that inspiration can be found everywhere and that you are stronger in a group than on your own. ISH has an authentic way of working that brings people together, makes dreams come true and results in fantastic shows – and even more importantly, fantastic groups of people. This approach has been successful not only in the Netherlands and Europe, but also in India, Africa, China, the United States, Suriname and Indonesia. 

In this educational project, young people make their own show under the supervision of our performers. In accordance with ISH tradition, the shows feature different disciplines and forms of art, with connecting thread being the stories of the participants. Besides the stage performance, the residency also focuses on everything else that is needed to get to that point. For instance, designing the set and building it, operating the lights and the sound, designing flyers and posters.

The length of the residency can be determined in accordance with the client’s wishes. Please contact Elisia da Silva Martins Peças for an offer with no strings attached.


ISH is part of Theater Education Amsterdam (TEA). A coalition of 13 theatres and theatre companies in Amsterdam, TEA functions as an umbrella for its members’ offering of theatre and education for secondary schools, whereby the focus is good theatre and suitable education. Together, we make a case for the importance of theatre and dance in the development of every (Amsterdam) young person.

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